Ten Free Apps for Marketers in 2015

  1. Buffer


The most recent, best alternative to Hootsuite. Buffer allows you to manage all of your main social media accounts at once. Plan out content for your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and get access to stat analysis on how your posts perform. Set your own updating schedule for each account and create buffering patterns for different times throughout the week according to audience.

  1. Nimble

The app that picks out your true audience a midst all the random traffic that you may receive to the multiple communication channels you have working for your business. With Nimble you can track and engage relationships by merge contact information, social media profiles and online conversations in one location, streamlining digital communication for your business and/or site.

  1. Feedly


Your favorite blogs all in one place. Being an internet marketer doesn’t mean you have to give up on learning more about what you love, rather the opposite! Learning new things that interest you can only give you and your website a distinctive edge over your competition on search engines. Feedly gives you a platform upon which you can follow all the things you love to learn about on the web in one place.

  1. WordPress


In my opinion the best blogging tool ever. New website/blog builders are coming out every day it seems like so you may ask why is this the best one? First, site customization, WordPress has it down to a science, very well laid out and easy to understand. Second, WordPress is the oldest website builder of it’s kind and while you may be thinking so? All the time WordPress has had live on the web have given it a huge authority on the web, people who know the internet know WordPress and more than likely that was how they got their start on the internet. WordPress sites are instantly recognized by search engines and WP has the best web integration system via their thousands of plugins.

  1. Mashable


Delivering the latest news on technology, apps, mobile information, social networking and general internet-related news. Multiple tabs give you a breakdown of channels that you can search by category, tag or author. If you click on a link within a selected article, the link will open in the app’s browser, letting you simply click the backspace to go back to the article.

  1. Quora


A great platform for anyone in the world who has ever had a good question. You just ask a question and get real answers from credible people who know what answer you’re looking for. Quora also gives you the option to post blogs, making it a great little community to not only get great information but also to market yourself and your website.

        7. POP

Prototyping on Paper is a great tool for inexperienced to professional web and app designers. Track and test the data of your new website, app or program as soon as you get your idea, with no requirement of code or app-building knowledge. Remember that great idea that popped into your head while watching your weekly dose of Shark Tank? Here’s the app to help turn that idea into your very own real life app.

  1. Aweber

Email campaigning couldn’t be more important in today’s world. If you’re on this site, chances are you’re probably like me and check your email at least once a day. Maybe your job or school requires you to check your email. My point is email campaigning is CRUCIAL to your site gaining traffic as well as stay connected with your audience. Aweber is a third party company that offers automated email campaigns for your site. You can choose from tons of cool themed sign-up forms on Aweber that they give you the html code for and you just copy and paste to implement one on your site. Aweber not only automates your email campaigns schedule, but also tracks subscribers and provides data tools to increase your email lists.

  1. Hubspot


Hubspot is a little bit of all of these apps and more. First marketed as a CRM solution Hubspot has turned into one of the most widely used sales/analytics platforms in the world next to Salesforce. With this app you can get and stay in touch with leads, analyze business or website data, and be the world’s next big web entrepreneurial success. There are really no limits to what Hubspot can do, which is why describing it can be kind of tricky. Download the app or go to their website to find out all the things Hubspot has to offer.

  1. Evernote


You’ll never have to open that annoyingly laid out notes app again!! Evernote is the best app for ideas and content while not always as exciting as sales and analytics, these two things are the basis for the model of your website. With Evernote you can sync your notes and to-do lists to any device. The coolest feature about Evernote is that you can add a screenshot of an article or blog with a picture and the app can actually pull the text out and make it into a note.


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